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            #15 - Creating a 3D Gallery

            This video will show you how to create a 3 dimensional gallery using the DNNGo Layer Gallery module, which is based on point-plotting concepts and can provoke more thought to accomplish your goals.

            To follow along with the video, download this ZIP file that contains all of the images used in the video. Below are the timestamps for key segments of the video, so you can jump to them as needed.

            Getting Setup - 1:45

            Creating the First Slide - 8:30

            Adding the First Header Layer - 13:37

            Adding the First Paragraph Layer - 19:48

            Adding the First Button Layer - 20:51

            Modifying the First Slide - 22:51

            Creating the Second Two Slides - 25:40

            Editing the Transitions - 30:00

            Changing the Mobile Visibility - 33:19

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